January 28, 2022 by Commodum

NYM + Commodum = True

The privacy infrastructure startup Nym Technologies has taken one closer step to launch their fully functional mainnet. The blockchain is the next-generation privacy infrastructure provider, built on Cosmos. The development team has enabled smart contract uploads to Nym’s Cosmos blockchain, naming it ‘Nyx’. Commodum has been part of the work and dedication throughout NYM’s testnets from mid 2021 and have been an active part in the set up.

We were therefore given the opportunity to spin up the first mainnet validator on Nyx working together with the NYM team to produce its first block. The next set of validators will now be onboarded.

The Nyx blockchain is based on CosmWasm and allows users to code smart contracts in Rust and easily export them to WebAssembly and upload them into the chain. The purpose of the WebAssembly smart contract blockchain is to offer cost-effective and lightning-fast transactions and smart contract execution of up to 10,000 transactions per second (TPS). In tandem with CosmWasm and Nym’s set of validators, the result is a robust, general-purpose smart contract blockchain that will integrate Coconut privacy features.

About Nyx

Nyx has been using CosmWasm for 10 months to test it out before making this announcement. The CosmWasm smart contract has been keeping track of the many thousands of mixnodes, gateways, stake delegators and other actors which has made up the last three testnets at Nyx.

Commodum is excited to partner with Nym to support the development of privacy-enhanced infrastructure as we believe in data privacy being one of the most crucial components in the success of a decentralised network. We want to be part of the fostering of new data-ownership centred business models. Nym has built a powerful global privacy network that is both decentralised and incentivized.

About NYM

Founded in 2018 by a group of researchers and programmers experienced in privacy-enhancing tech, Nym provides the infrastructure that offers full-fledged privacy to personal data. An open-source, permissionless, incentivized, and decentralized platform prevents metadata surveillance at a network level (mixnet) and eliminates authentication and payment credentials monitoring.

Website: www.nymtech.net
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nymproject
Blog: www.nymtech.medium.com/

Team Commodum
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